Jeff Draws 900+ at NADA Workshops!

Jeff Draws 900+ at NADA Workshops!

Video Blog: Jeff Sacks “Great General Mgr” Workshop a Huge Hit

NADA Convention attendees overwhelm 275-seat meeting room – 3 times!

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Jeff Sacks spoke on what makes “Good General Managers – Great General Managers” and the demand was both upbeat and in-demand as it resulted in would-be attendees being turned away for lack of room.

The whole NADA Convention appeared to be a huge success. Expo floor aisles – which were strangely quiet last year – were packed with convention attendees – many sporting smiles in place of the worried looks of just 12 months earlier.

But perhaps the most promising sign was the over-flow crowds that streamed into the meeting room every time Jeff Sacks’ convention workshop session was scheduled. Jeff spoke of a General Manager’s need to have a 360-degree view of the entire operation and how he or she should not let their inexperience in some profit centers (other than the variable sales departments) hold them back or limit their vision for what is possible in their store.

With 900+ attendees, many readers of the DealersEdge Headlines may have been in the room and heard Jeff’s presentation. Feel free to comment below.

And if you were one of those turned away – or you simply would like to hear more – Jeff is scheduled to present a 2 ½ Day Workshop on the same general theme in Atlanta on March 15-17. For more details on this opportunity.

Jeff points out that this is an excellent opportunity for general managers, or really anyone with overall dealership management responsibilities, to sharpen their skills. Come and learn what to look for and what questions to ask.

He also urges dealers who have some raw – but rising star – talent in their dealership or group to consider sending these “bench players” out for some seasoning. You never know when you might need a new GM for another franchise.