Client Comments

Over the years, Jeff Sacks has had the privilege of  working with many of the top dealerships, auto retailing groups and OEMs in the country.  Here is a brief sampling of testimonials from some of those dealers and manufacturers.  If you would like additional information on how we have helped and collaborated with any of our clients, please contact our office directly.

‘Over the years, our organization has groomed a number of General Managers by sending them to Jeff’s training.  Without exception, they have come back enthused, motivated and ‘smarter’ with regard to how to run a dealership than when they first left.  I like the fact that my GMs are taught real world lessons from a real world instructor.  I can honestly say this training is well worth the investment.’
Joe Serra, Serra Automotive

‘Gave me tools to take back to the store to improve our overall operations.’
Robert Goodliffe, South Point Hyundai

‘Brings issues to forefront with possible solutions.’
Denis Louzan, Tameron Hyundai

‘All dealers will do themselves a huge favor by having their GM attend Jeff’s training. Jeff’s vast knowledge of the overall dealership operation is second to none.  His facilitation/communication style and experience are priceless.’
Jordan Case, Park Place Lexus Plano

‘An eye-opening experience.  I walked away with five pages of notes of things to do or to check on.  Highly recommend this for GMs and GM-wanna-be’s.   Taking your controller with you will likely increase the value of this workshop.’
Paul Morgan, Park Place Motorcars

‘This is the best manufacturer sponsored seminar I have ever attended and I have been in this business since 1976.’
Billy Allgood, Hyundai of Auburn

‘New and experienced GMs will get a lot out of the information shared.  This course should be mandatory for all new GMs.’
Jae Park, Keyes Hyundai

‘The information that was covered is extremely helpful in assisting in the successful management of dealership operations.’
Chris Chick, Sewell Hummer

‘Excellent training on dealership operations.  Heavy focus on process with practical application techniques.’
Sean O’Regan, O’Regans Automotive Group

‘Great “best practices” ideas to take back to your dealership and really use!’
Vincent Owings, Big Island Honda

‘Outstanding knowledge.  Great material.  Outstanding way of getting a person to learn and take ownership of their dealership.’
Robert Goday, Rusty Eck Ford Omaha

‘The emphasis on retention and process is very pragmatic as well as being a longer term approach than most consultants venture into.  Overall course is helpful in reducing departmental barriers.’
Colin Silliker, O’Regans Automotive Group

‘This was one of the best courses I have ever attended. It is a must for any general manager. The course information is necessary even for the experienced GM to help navigate in this ever changing industry.’
Joe Shuster, Hillside Honda

‘Absolutely wonderful!  Coming up in the sales side of the business, I learned what questions to ask regarding fixed operations.’
California Dealer

‘Thank you again for an amazing session.  Not only did you provide more information than I would have thought possible in such a short time, but you did so in a manner that made learning fun.  You have given me many fresh thoughts, and new ways of looking at things.’     
Jeff Kofoed, Hyundai of Keene

‘Excellent course! Lots of actionable items. Your real world experience makes you very believable.’
General Manager ‘to be’, Large Domestic Dealership in Midwest

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