Virtual Training: Service Management

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Virtual Training Service DepartmentNot sure what all of those terms in service mean? Want to know what to pay your service advisors? Don’t know what management reports to look at to keep performance on track by isolating areas of opportunity and/or concern? Need help increasing your labor hours produced and protecting and/or increasing your labor gross margins? Don’t understand how to manage repair order cycle time, reconditioning protocols and warranty receivable management? Look no further!

This course consists of 3 modules split into various chapters ranging in manageable learning chunks between 5 and 10 minutes. Many of the chapters conclude with testing exercises.

MODULE I: General Manager Series – Service: The Service Fundamentals

This module starts with the basics – glossary of service department terms – and then quickly builds, block-by-block, to an understanding of the key operating levers that produce service department gross and to an awareness of what important management reports you should use consistently in order to keep performance on track. The module concludes with the sharing of service industry guidelines and metrics that you should expect from your service department and the most effective service management report that will clearly help you isolate areas of opportunity and/or concern.

MODULE II: General Manager Series – Service: How to Improve Labor Gross (& net profit) in the Service Department

To improve service department net profit performance requires an increase in labor hours produced and a protection and/or increase of labor gross margins. During this module, you will be exposed to ‘best in class’ processes on how to improve gross profit margins, as well as proven and effective methods on how to increase the dealership’s service retention rate. Techniques to increase service advisor and service technician productivity, while at the same time reducing service department bottlenecks and enhancing the customer transaction experience, are important elements that will be shared during this module.

MODULE III: General Manager Series – Service:  Pay Plans, Personnel Management & Service Department Checklist

The teaching elements in this final module address repair order management, including repair order cycle time, reconditioning protocols and warranty receivable management. Designing effective linked pay plans that will help increase service department performance and customer retention will be shared in this module as well as how you, as a general manager, can become a strategic partner in improving service advisor productivity by addressing certain key issues on a monthly basis.

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