GM Virtual Training Series: Accounting & Financial Management

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ATTENTION GMs! (or potential GMs)

Virtual Training for Accounting

Don’t understand where the numbers come from or what they mean? Need help reducing the amount of cycle time it takes to convert a sale into cash. Want to learn the vitally important techniques to monitor and manage each current asset at the dealership?  Look no further, as this course will be invaluable to you.

This course consists of 3 modules split into various chapters ranging in manageable learning chunks between 5 and 10 minutes. Many of the chapters conclude with testing exercises.

MODULE I: General Manager Series – Accounting & Financial: Overview of Financial & Accounting Fundamentals:

In order to fine tune your financial analytical skills, it is important to understand where the numbers come from, what they mean and, vitally important, what reports to look at.  The important relationship between inventories, gross profit and cost of sales adjustments, or write offs, and the impact they have on the integrity of the numbers will be addressed, as well as techniques to improve the month end reporting accuracy.  A deeper understanding of these various elements and how they interact will lead to a strategic approach to improved dealership cash flow, increased asset turn, a reduction in idle asset build up and exposure to slimmer sales margins.

MODULE II: General Manager Series – Accounting & Financial: Balance Overview of Financial Management Disciplines:

Compressing the cycle time it takes to convert a sale into cash is an important dealership cash flow imperative. ‘Best in class’ techniques will be shared in this module illustrating how to improve dealership cash flow, as well as measuring, monitoring and managing these receivables from industry guide levels to exception reporting protocols. The session concludes with pointers on how to conduct a successful asset management meeting using the proper exhibits to easily isolate areas of opportunity.

MODULE III: General Manager Series – Accounting & Financial: Overview of Asset Management Techniques & Guidelines:

This module will address what techniques to use to monitor and manage each important current asset in the dealership and this, in turn, will improve the dealership’s cash flow, asset turn and return on investment. Upon the completion of this module, you will become an effective asset manager armed with the necessary knowledge and tools to improve asset utilization and accounting reporting, and reduce the dealership’s financial exposure.

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